Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gosh, it's been a month. A bunch has happened. Wheeler, my gentle Great Pyrenees died. He was 16+ years, but it was still sad. We found him in the morning by the chicken coop and Buster, his friend the duck, was sitting by his side. The poor duck seemed lost for a few days. And then fortunately the hens, who had freaked before when we first put him in with them, now accepted him. At least he had some company. But I do not think it will ever be the same for the duck.
Wheeler had become quite a celebrity in the area. He was written up several times in the New London Day. The second graders wrote a book about him and his friend the duck. I will be getting another Great Pyrenees soon. He is youger (2-3 yrs old). I will need to train him. I hope he doesn't eat the chickens. His name is Zeus.

It has been raining here for four days and will do so for another two days. My farm is awash with huge puddles and mud. My poor chickens. They can't wait for spring so they can be outdoors all day, on fresh green grass.