Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Moms and their Lambs (Catherine, Aesop, Candy, Tim,  Alice, Anne, Lucy, Ali, Lila, Lola, and Lucinda)
Lila, Lola and Lucinda
The Moms and all their "Babies"Heading for the Barn
As I said, the sheep have grown, not quite as big, but almost as their moms. Also, feeling bad for the unnamed, I named them all this morning as I took their pictures. So....Cathering begat Aesop and Candy; Anne begat Lucy and TIm; Lila begat Lola and Lucinda; and Alice be gat Ali. Here they are in all their glory.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gosh! It's September already

Heavens, it is already September! It's starting to get cooler at night.We were essentially untouched by Herb (it was Herb, wasn't it?), just a lot of much needed rain. Well, all the lambs are big now (pictures to follow) though they still hang near their mothers. I have had less time to spend with them so only three have names. When they are bold enough to get close enough to get a tummy scratch they get a name. Three have names: Lucy, Aesop and Tim. I am up to 17 sheep and my pasture is starting to show it. Fortunately I am  renting an a adjacent field so I can give my pasture a bit of a rest. Of course, now I have two small mules (Molly and Sally) and they are hard on my pasture as well.  I am also up to about 850 hens. Good lord, how did this all happen?  Oh, did I mention that we adopted a goat as well, Henry the goat.