Saturday, April 17, 2010

more pictures of the shearing

Here us a kink to more pictures of shearing day.

The link is to "snapfish". I think you have to sign up to get to them. If you get an "error" page, just click on "home" and the pictures should come up. 

Well, we are done with the shearing. (See the pictures) All the sheep were pretty  calm about the process except Rip Tide, our new fertile teenage ram. This was his first shearing and he was  quite put off to say the least. He was not keen about being flipped on his back. Fortunately Bill Cornoyer, our shearer, was able to stay away from Rip Tides impressive horns and get the job done.

Funny, after shearing the sheep do not recognize each other and there is a whole lot of butting going on.

We also have about 30 new chicks that have hatched with their mothers sitting on their eggs, au natural. New  babies of any kind are always fun. We would eventually like a good percentage of our flock hatched and raised by their mothers. How would like to be grown in and incubator and never have a mother to get you started. It is fun to watch the chicks scooting after mother.

Next step is baby lambs due sometime in May. Four ewes are "with child" and we may have anywhere from four to eight new lambs. Last time we had all rams. I hope this time we have some girls. I'll keep you posed.