Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey?

 A local radio station dropped of this fine looking turkey, but made me promise she would not be Thanksgiving dinner. Her name is Matilda. The station had offered a free Thanksgiving turkey in a contest. The winner was expecting a nice frozen Butterball and didn't know what to do with a live turkey. So here she is. I am beginning to feel like Noah and the Ark. Two rescue dogs, two rescue mules, a rescue duck and now a rescue turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

ZEUS, MIA and BUSTER the duck

Zeus, Mia and yes Buster the duck are pretty much on their own today as the chickens have been moved to the barn for the winter (they still go out during the day for the grass, or what's left of it.) Soon I will move them out with the sheep in the back pasture. But first I have to teach them not the chase the sheep so they will be on a lead for about a week. I wonder if they know it is thanksgiving. Gosh, they are such good dogs. I feel very lucky.

Thanksgiving 2010

Well it is now November and the hens are scrounging every little bit of green grass they can find. They have already eaten up my back yard. I then moved them out to the spent garden to finish off the last bits of lettuce, clover and weeds. They made quick work of that so now I am leading them out to the back pasture. It's the green grass (beta-carotene) that makes the yolks nice dark yellow. 400 chickens makes one impressive foraging machine!