Monday, September 6, 2010

Gosh! It's September already

Heavens, it is already September! It's starting to get cooler at night.We were essentially untouched by Herb (it was Herb, wasn't it?), just a lot of much needed rain. Well, all the lambs are big now (pictures to follow) though they still hang near their mothers. I have had less time to spend with them so only three have names. When they are bold enough to get close enough to get a tummy scratch they get a name. Three have names: Lucy, Aesop and Tim. I am up to 17 sheep and my pasture is starting to show it. Fortunately I am  renting an a adjacent field so I can give my pasture a bit of a rest. Of course, now I have two small mules (Molly and Sally) and they are hard on my pasture as well.  I am also up to about 850 hens. Good lord, how did this all happen?  Oh, did I mention that we adopted a goat as well, Henry the goat.

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