Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring 2012

Gosh it has been almost a year. Nothing like winter to shut down a blog. So we are slowly starting up again. Some seedlings have been started (lettuce, broccoli and cabbage). I though I would start the tomatoes a bit later this year, when it is a bit warmer. Spent a bundle on heating the greenhouse last year. Soon we will be tilling the ground and then planting spinach, lettuce and sugar snap peas. The pasture was re-seeded last fall with new grass and hopefully it will start to grow soon. The sheep are a bit tired of hay and eager to get on to fresh grass. Ditto for the chickens. The mobile hoop coops need some fixing up and new tarps before they can be used. I will be getting another 200 hens to add to the 300 that we have so there should be plenty of eggs for everyone. Hope to have a bountiful harvest this year. Here are a few pictures from last year to wet your appetite.

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