Sunday, March 7, 2010


A friend let me know that I had described Zeus as big as a bear and gentle as a LION. No, he is gentle as a LAMB. He is no longer scared of Buster the duck. The duck follows Zeus around just as he followed Wheeler. I believe he thinks the new dog is Wheeler. Zeus is settling in. He no longer chases the chickens. He is good enough that I let him off the lead today to roam free. Boy, was he happy. Couldn't stop running around the field. I  am leaving him out tonight to sleep in the small  shed I made for Wheeler. Hope he doesn't bark too much.
Next week I will start introducing him with the sheep. I can't wait for the time where everyone is comfortable with each other and Zeus can lay around anywhere and keep an eye on things. I hope he is not lonely or gets bored.  Maybe I should get him a companion Pyrenees, or some goats, or a donkey, or some more ducks..........

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  1. I was just wondering where the Zues goes at night or when it's raining. Now that I read your blog I'm glad to know that he has a shed to sleep in. I was just there today with my little guy, and noticed that he was tied up, and again now reading your blog I know why. Hopefully he will be able to roam free real soon. I also noticed Buster the duck next to him. Hopefull Zues will be able to come up to the fence soon, so we can pet him, he is so adorable.